November 13th - 17th, 2023


The annual Scholastic book fair is November 13th - 17th. Our theme this year is “Willy Wonka's World of Pure Imagination.” We have a huge selection of children’s titles at very affordable prices.

Students will have an opportunity to shop with their classes, and we hope parents and family members will join us at our Family Night on November 16th from 4-7pm. This a great opportunity to get a head start on some holiday shopping! 

Visit our Scholastic Book Fair Homepage here:

Click here to Volunteer at Book Fair

Click below to see the full Book Fair Flyer:



There are four ways to shop the Book Fair:

1. Create an eWallet for your student prior to the day your student's class will shop the Book Fair. We strongly encourage and request that parents use eWallets instead of sending cash; the balances never expire and can be used by you at any time. Remember to add several extra dollars on top of the book prices to account for tax. 

2. Send cash in a baggie or envelope (labeled with the student's name and teacher) on the day your student's class is shopping the Book Fair. The class schedule will be posted here soon. Remember to account for tax on top of the prices of the books. 

3. Shop through the online store between November 9th-22nd. Note there is free shipping for book purchases over $25. 

4. Attend Family Night on ThursdayNovember 16th from 4:00-7:00pm. See further down the page for the Family Night details and schedule.

* There will be an assortment of non-book items at the book fair. Please note that while we encourage students to purchase books, we are not responsible for the choices they make. If you would like your child to only purchase books, please discuss this with them prior to their visit, or plan on attending the book fair during your child's visit so that you can monitor their choices.

Donate to your Teacher's classroom library: 

1. Purchase a book (or more!) from your teacher's Wish List at the Book Fair when you visit. 

2. Contribute to your teacher's eWallet. Please make these donations prior to Wednesday, November 15th. Links to the teachers' eWallets are posted in the PDF here


ALL FOR BOOKS: support all students

Help us guarantee every child gets a book! We are once again accepting donations to ensure that all Poe students have the opportunity to take a book home from the Book Fair. Our goal is to collect $800 this year for our Poe students. No amount is too small!

If you are able to and interested in donating, please: 

1. Contribute to the All For Books eWallet. Note: there is one All For Books eWallet for the whole school even though it says Kindergarten as the grade level. 

2. Purchase a $1 Bookmark designed by the winning artists of the Bookmark Contest. 

3. Agree to round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar amount when shopping the Book Fair. 

4. Make a donation of any amount to the All For Books fund at the register when you are visiting the Book Fair.  



We heavily rely on volunteers to help make this event fun and successful! Our volunteers help kids choose age-appropriate books, compile wishlists for them to take home, and help them tally up the book costs to ensure they have enough money to pay for them. Click here to sign up to VOLUNTEER!

If you would like to volunteer when your child's class will be visiting the book fair, you can view the class schedule. All volunteers must be VIPS approved. If your child's class does rotations please check to see what teacher they will be with during their shopping time so you can be sure to see your child when you volunteer. Click on the schedule for a PDF:


Click Here to Volunteer at the Bookfair!


Join us for an evening of Student Performances, Music, Food and Books! 

Adults may visit in person with their students during our Family Night on Thursday, November 16th from 4:00-7:00pm! Feel free to invite grandparents, friends, and neighbors to enjoy a fun evening! 

Enjoy Food Trucks - Kona Ice & Jax Burgers
Poe Theater Club to perform at 4:00pm
Poe Dance Team to perform at 5:00pm
Poe Choir to perform at 5:30pm


To get the students excited for the upcoming Book Fair, we are holding our annual Bookmark Contest. There will be one winner per grade level! Each winner will receive $15 to spend at the Book Fair and 5 copies of his/her winning Bookmark!

THANK YOU to all the students who entered the Bookmark contest for this years Book Fair. We received so may beautiful creations! We would also like to thank Ms. Jhaveri for taking the time to judge the contest. We know it was a hard decision! One winner was selected for each grade level.

The bookmarks will be for sale at the book fair for $1. Proceeds go to All For Books to make sure every Poe students can enjoy the book fair!

Donate to All For Books

Congratulations to:

  • Pre-K - Fatima - Ms. Hubbard's class
  • Kinder - Jeffrey A - Ms. Simpson's Class
  • 1st - Mia S - Ms. Taggart's Class
  • 2nd - Daniela A - Ms. Ramos' Class
  • 3rd - Kiana S - Ms. Reardon's Class
  • 4th - Juliana M - Ms. Finch's Class
  • 5th - Pax D - Ms. Lopez's Class 

Your student should have received an entrance sheet in their folders. You can click on and print out the entrance sheet below if needed. If your student would like to enter the contest, please make sure s/he completes the design and returns it to school no later than Friday, November 3rd.

The winning Bookmarks will be on sale for $1 during the week of Book Fair. The proceeds will go towards 'All For Books', which helps ensure all Poe students can get a book from the Book Fair and that Mrs. Barr can purchase new books for the library!
Helpful tips for Bookmark Contest entries:
• Make sure the student's name, grade and teacher are on the FRONT of the bookmark
• Keep the design inside the lines (nothing outside the lines will be printed)
• Make it colorful!
• Keep to the theme! 


Cash & Credit Cards accepted for in person sales.

November 13
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

November 14
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

November 15
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

November 16
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 
**Family/Community Night**

November 17
8:00 a.m. – NOON

If you have additional questions, please contact Book Fair Co-Chairs Madeline Morales and Rebecca Shin at @





The Raven - $5,000+

The Olsen Family

The Poet - $2,500+


The Kottler Family

The Maag Family

The Fenner-Tsavachidou Family

The Shin Family

The Lewis Family

The Sparker Family

Marcos Cortez & Dana LeDoux-Cortez

Jihoon Lee's Family

The Scoggins Family

Bitty & Beau's Coffee Houston


Children's Hour Montessori

Anvil Cards


The Storyteller - $1,000+

The Butkus Family

The Hopson Family

The Stein Family

Daniel & Gwen Morales


The Tutos Family

Sherri Hughey

West U Smiles

Plascencia Catani Family



The Cornelius Family

The Sasaki Family

Erskine & Yuli Black

Vilar-Iniesta Family

Nevermore - $500+

Paul & Lauren Chapman

Adria Buckner's Family


The Buening Family

The Martin Family


Chamber Door - $250+

Chavarria Family

The Wade Family

The Vykoukal Family

Family of Divya McDonald

Ben & Melissa Flack

Angela and Mario Chairez

The Bells - $50 or More

DeVon Family



Aaron Chang & Geneva Li

Balkanyi Family

Blaine River Jordan

Moe Connect Management