2023-2024 Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the Poe PTO shall be managed by its Executive Board. Special Committees carry out the activities and functions for various projects. The Special Committee Chairs report directly to the Executive Committee and are authorized to organize other volunteers to assist them in carrying out their project or committee's functions. We welcome you to join the Poe Community to support and enrich our students' experience. All PTO events that happen each year at Poe are 100% volunteer led. If you're interested in chairing or being a part of a committee, email president@poepto.org.

Executive Committee



Jon Alaniz



Madeeha Sheikh




Past President

Jennifer Meadows



Madeline Morales



Ellen Sparker


VP Technology

Geneva Li




Advisor to the Board (Non-Voting Member)

William Burge


VP Finance - Tax, Audit, Budget

Grant Butkus




VP Finance Operations

Jose Pacheco


VP Communications

Amy McWilliams


VP Membership

Sophie Burge


Bilingual Rep

Jennifer Medina


HISD/TEA Liaison

Sarah Ratzel



Campus Support


Capital Projects

Madeline Morales      

Outdoor Grounds

Madeline Morales Shannan O' Mara    



Lost & Found

Madeline Morales      

Poe Parent Patrol

Will Sparker      

School Supplies

Sophie Burge       

Staff Appreciation

Candace Pearl Shannon Moriarty Timberly Malone  

Uniform Store and Poe Pride

Sophie Burge       

Dads' Club

Will Sparker      

Experience & Enrichment


All Art Day

Marie Venner Madeeha Sheikh     

Back-to-School / Ice Cream Social

Madeeha Sheikh 
Molly Butkus    

Fine Arts Career Day


International Festival

Madeeha Sheikh       

Reading Mentors

Meredith Kottler      

Speaker Series




Book Fair

Madeline Morales

Rebecca Shin



Amy McWilliams

Madeeha Sheikh


Carnival (Food & Dessert)

Timberly Malone 

Nell Rojas


Carnival (Tickets)

Ellen Sparker 


Carnival (Drinks)

Sasha Ortega      

Carnival (Bazaar)


Carnival (Booth)

Meredith Kottler      

Carnival (T-Shirts)

Jennifer Meadows Madeeha Sheikh    

Auction (Event / Tickets)

Madeeha Sheikh 



Auction (Silent)

Amma Grodin 



Auction (Class Baskets)

Rebecca Shin        

Auction (Class Art)

Emily Stein      


Rebecca Shin

Mayra McAdams


Poe Partners

Heather Houston

 Brandon Stein




  Spirit Nights Amy McWilliams      



Poe in the Know/The Raven

Katherine Smith





Membership Toolkit (MTK)

Geneva Li 


Community Relations/PR

Amy McWilliams




Catherine Governale

Katherine Houston    

Incoming Kinder

Madeline Morales

Haley DeLaGarza    

Grade Level Representatives



Sarah Ratzel



Teacher Rep

Kayla Reardon


Teacher Rep Bilingual

Ms. Salinas

Ms. Ramos    


Amma Grodin


1st Grade

Candace Pearl


2nd Grade

Madeline Morales


3rd Grade

Armanda Lea Lewis


4th Grade

Tanya Uluwitiya


5th Grade Rep (Graduation)

Shannon Witz


5th Grade Grad Committee

Haley DeLaGarza

Heather Houston Meredith Kottler  

Lanier/Magnet Rep





The Raven - $5,000+

The Olsen Family

The Poet - $2,500+


The Kottler Family

The Maag Family

The Fenner-Tsavachidou Family

The Shin Family

The Lewis Family

The Sparker Family

Marcos Cortez & Dana LeDoux-Cortez

Jihoon Lee's Family

The Scoggins Family

Bitty & Beau's Coffee Houston


Children's Hour Montessori

Anvil Cards


The Storyteller - $1,000+

The Butkus Family

The Hopson Family

The Stein Family

Daniel & Gwen Morales


The Tutos Family

Sherri Hughey

West U Smiles

Plascencia Catani Family



The Cornelius Family

The Sasaki Family

Erskine & Yuli Black

Vilar-Iniesta Family

Nevermore - $500+

Paul & Lauren Chapman

Adria Buckner's Family


The Buening Family

The Martin Family


Chamber Door - $250+

Chavarria Family

The Wade Family

The Vykoukal Family

Family of Divya McDonald

Ben & Melissa Flack

Angela and Mario Chairez

The Bells - $50 or More

DeVon Family



Aaron Chang & Geneva Li

Balkanyi Family

Blaine River Jordan

Moe Connect Management