Read-a-thon is a fundraising initiative that provides family and friends with an opportunity to give directly to Poe Elementary while promoting literacy and education. This is a direct investment in each of our student’s daily educational experience. Our goal is that thru the encouragement and support each of our students receives from family, friends, teachers, and classmates during this reading adventure they will  develop and foster a love of reading for many years to come. 


Read-A-Thon Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a Read-A-Thon business sponsor for as little $250.

Our Read-A-Thon last year had 1840 sponsors and our our site was viewed 44,235 times! 

Click here to become a business sponsor and type in our school code 23243.

We are also looking for a business or individual sponsor to match a portion or all of what we raise as a school. 

For more info please contact Read-A-Thon Co-Chair Janine Chalitsios at


Read-A-Thon Goals

Educational Fundraiser: 

Read-A-Thon promotes literacy while raising money for Poe and benefiting our kids educationally. 


Minutes Read Goal:

To have each of our 860 students read a minimum of 30 minutes a day during the school week and to exceed the 552,842 minutes we read last year to 600,000, for a total 10,000 hours, or 416 days of reading.

Fundraising Goal: 

$86,000 These funds will have a direct impact on your student and enable the PTO to help bridge the gap on any funds needed due to HISD budget cuts.


How we do it: 

Have each of our 860 students obtain an average of $100.00 in sponsorship's from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and extended family. ( That is only 4 sponsors at $25.00.)


Business Sponsorships & Volunteering: 

If you have a question about a business sponsorship or would like to volunteer to help with Read-A-Thon please contact Janine Chalitsios at or 832-758-1985.


2018 Read-A-Thon Success

A special thank you to Janine Chalitsios and Annamarie Saavedra for spearheading this new fundraiser!  Your dedication to Poe and all the kids at Poe is much appreciated!

Read-a-thon raised $48,665 from 1,805 sponsors.

Poe kids read for 552,842 minutes.

Thank you all for your participation in this wonderful fundraiser!




The Raven - $5,000+



The Poet - $2,500+


Cat Vet Clinic











Matt & Melissa Bueninck

Orsak Family

Anna & Rick Riseden

Sarah Beth & Paul Seifert

Sparker Family

The Storyteller - $1,000+







Patrick & Laranne Breagy

Fenner Tsavachidou Family

Howe Family

Huang Family

Karla Kelly

Meredith & Cary Kottler

Ethan and Jennifer Perry

Rosenbach Family