Family Experience/Enrichment

Our family experience/enrichment roles include All Art Day Chairman, Back-to-School Chairman, Career Week Chairman, and International Festival Chairman. If any of these sound appealing to you, please read on for the full descriptions of each role.

Descriptions provided describe the responsibilities of each chairman, but please note that we have numerous volunteer opportunities available under each chair position and we encourage you to mark all of your interests, whether you are interested in chairing a position or not.

All Art Day Chairman 

Organizes and coordinates a full school day of fun focused on art in the spring. Develops a curriculum for the teachers, chooses the theme, develops an art piece or permanent installation for the school, solicits sponsors, recruits volunteers, purchases supplies, books Art Cars for a mini-parade, prepares sidewalks with Building & Grounds Chairman and provides refreshments. Leads t-shirt design competition and orders/sells t-shirts and provide refreshments. Manages all expenses and budget for the event. (3 months from March to May, 5-15 hours per week)

Back-to-School Chairman

Leads the back-to-school celebration in late August that welcomes students and families to a new school year and provides opportunities for students to meet their teachers. Organizes and facilitates the celebration on the Thursday before school starts along with a coffee for parents on the first day of school. Seeks sponsors for food and drink, provides signage in hallways and coordinates volunteers to help parents and students find their way around the school for the first time. Works closely with PTO President and Board to organize tables and paperwork for sign up activities. Manages all expenses and budget for the event. (1 month in August, 15-20 hours per month)

Career Week Chairman 

Plans a week-long fine arts career expo to teach students about artists at work and expose them to diverse types of art. Responsible for recruiting and scheduling guest speakers (~60) from a variety of creative fields for 50 class periods. Coordinates resources (A/V needs, parent volunteers, lunches), compiles speaker bios and assigns speakers to classes by age of class. Solicits lunch sponsorships to offset costs. Manages all expenses and budget for the event. (3 months from September to November, 10-15 hours per week and all day availability during the week of the event)

International Festival Chairman

Plans a day-long international expo to teach students about global cultures, foods, living, etc. Responsible for recruiting parents of diverse cultures to set up a booth that shares information, food, clothing, and pictures representing their country. Coordinates resources including A/V needs, tables, and parent volunteers. Manages all expenses and budget for the event. (3 months from February to April, 5-10 hours per week and all day availability on the day of the event)









The Raven - $5,000+

The Sasaki Family

The Poet - $2,500+

The Fenner-Tsavachidou Family

Marcos Cortez & Dana LeDoux-Cortez

The Maag Family

Children's Hour Montessori

The Sparker Family

The Vilar-Iniesta Family

The Bueninck Family

The Shin Family

Kelly & John Lewis

The Storyteller - $1,000+

The Butkus Family

Meadows and Grimm Family

Lilly Family

Eric & Jessica Johnson

The Hopson Family

(The Plascencia-Catani Family)

Blaszak-Howe Family

The Adib Family

The Stein Family

Rosenbach Family

The Tutos Family

Nevermore - 500+

Daniel & Gwendolyn Morales


The Guzofski Family

The Adib Family


Aliza Geretz & Ben Mayer

The Moran Family

Chamber Door - $250+

The Flack Family


Chavarria Family


Mario and Angela Chairez

Mr. & Mrs. Kontar Macklin



The Bells - $50 or More

The DeLange/Szulc Family

The Park & Kimbrough Family


Mark & Robin Mohan


Steve & Quynhmai Nguyen

Karsan Steele

The Sultenfuss Family

Mollet Geiser Family


Jennifer Smith & Javier Freay

Sarah Shull & Sabi Balkanyi

Hinojosa Family