Safely Dismissing Students...Get the App!

PikMyKid allows our students to be safely dismissed from within the building. You will use the app to change your child's pick up mode for the day or to delegate someone else to pick up your child. Your child must first be in the PikMyKid system with your mobile phone number. You must also create an account using the PikMyKid app in order to make changes for your child.  


Getting Set Up

You may go ahead and download the PikMyKid app to your phone, but please be advised that your child's enrollment information (including primary and/or secondary contact name and mobile phone number) must be in the PikMyKid system before the app will work on your phone.






Learn more on the PikMyKid Website.

Helpful Hints:

  • The location settings on your mobile device must be turned ON.
  • Make sure your child's primary or default pick up mode is correct in the system.
  • The cut-off for making delegation or pick up mode changes within the system is 2:15 pm.
  • Use the app to make day to day changes to your child's pick up mode by 2:15 pm.
  • Specify recurring pick up changes in the app so you don't need to change it more than once.


Please note #1: The primary or default pick up mode can only be set by an administrator. If your child's primary pick up mode has changed, please contact your child's teacher. If you would like to make temporary changes to your child's pick up mode, you may do so within the app.

Please note #2: If your mobile number changes, you must contact the school with your new mobile number (mention you need this number changed in PikMyKid) and you must also contact PikMyKid support so that they can change the number within your account.




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