Corporate Matching

The Poe Partner Corporate Matching Gift Program is a great fundraising opportunity for Poe Elementary PTO.  Many Fortune 1000 companies, including here in Houston, offer a “matching gift program” where the company will match donations up to a certain amount made by their employees to non-profit organizations (such as Poe Elementary PTO).  If you are not sure if your company participates please contact your employer’s human resources department. Most programs are accessed via the company’s Intranet. To apply for your company’s matching gift program you must simply fill out a Matching Gifts Form from your employer and your employer will contact the PTO for verification or ask you to submit the form through your PTO contact which can be found below.   Please take advantage of this opportunity. It is a win-win for our kids!


Below is the information that you will need to apply for the corporate matching gift programs:

Our organization name: Poe Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.

IRS Tax-exempt 501(c)(3): 76-0260560

Address of donation: 5100 Hazard Street, Houston, Texas, 77098

Phone of donation: 713-535-3780

PTO contact: Matt Bueninck (281) 928-6826 or Heather Houston (713) 705-0018




The Raven - $5,000+



The Poet - $2,500+


Cat Vet Clinic











Matt & Melissa Bueninck

Orsak Family

Anna & Rick Riseden

Sarah Beth & Paul Seifert

Sparker Family

The Storyteller - $1,000+







Patrick & Laranne Breagy

Fenner Tsavachidou Family

Howe Family

Huang Family

Karla Kelly

Meredith & Cary Kottler

Ethan and Jennifer Perry

Rosenbach Family

Nevermore - 500+

Briscoe Family

Luis and Susie Cavazos

Mario & Angela Chairez

Chalitsios Family 

Mallinson Family

Patel Family

Smith Family

Vanessa & Radu Tutos

Witz Family

Garman Family



Chamber Door - $250+

Greater Houston Orthodontics

Houston Window Experts


Adamson / Sachrison Family

Damaris Espinal

Ben & Melissa Flack

Nat & Camila Holland

King-Rodriguez Family

Moez Maredia & Marina Bozhko

Dustin Lyday & Jufei Lee

Munsayac Family

Tuffli and Becky Nguyen

Drew & Elizabeth Orton

In Memory of Ash Rowell

Sheldon Family

Jason & Jen Smith

Tobin Family

Vykoukal Family

Wamble Family

The Bertillion Family





The Bells - $50 or More

Alli Kids

Brickey Family

Byrnes Family

DeLange / Szulc Family

Gaudette/Lumpkin Family

Kazzaz Family

Kimbrough Family

Amber Martin

Jennifer Mcginnis

Aaron McInerney & Kimberly Clark

Lisa Nguyen & Viet Do

Quynhmai & Steve Nguyen

Powell Family

Sultenfuss Family

Young Family