Campus Support

Our campus support roles include Building & Grounds Chairman, Community Relations Chairman, Lost & Found Chairman, Outdoor Education Chairman, Recycling Chairman, School Supplies Chairman, Staff Appreciation Chairman, Reading Mentor Chairman, and Uniform Store Chairman. If any of these sound appealing to you, please read on for the full descriptions of each role.

Descriptions provided describe the responsibilities of each chairman, but please note that we have numerous volunteer opportunities available under each chair position and we encourage you to mark all of your interests, whether you are interested in chairing a position or not.


Building & Grounds Chairman 

Responsible for overseeing general ground maintenance and external building needs not under HISD jurisdiction. Coordinate needs of grounds, fields, grass, sprinklers, interior courtyards, walkways around Poe and lighting in the front and around Poe.   Specifically work on getting ground and lawn area ready and tidy for school events such as Back to School, Magnet Awareness Week, Career Day, Carnival, All Art Day, etc.  The committee works closely with Garden/Outdoor Education Chair on “Work Days” for Poe Volunteers. (12 months from July 1st to June 30th, minimum of 2-3 hours per month)

Community Relations Chairman 

Responsible for coordinating Poe’s Annual Community Coffee, including determining the date with the school principal, recruiting volunteers, catering, preparing agenda, inviting members of the community and communications with the Poe Community. Must be present and available during the morning of the event. (3 months from December to February, minimum of 2-3 hours per week)

Lost & Found Chairman

Responsible for organizing the lost and found area on a weekly basis and returning any items with labels or names on them. Donates items left in lost and found for over two months to a local charity supporting children. (12 months from July 1st to June 30th, maximum of 2-3 hours per week)

Outdoor Education Chairman

Oversees outside gardening projects and maintains atrium for student and teacher use. Recruits volunteers to conduct “work days” of volunteers to keep grounds, flower beds, deck areas neat and tidy – beautifying the grounds of Poe. Coordinates with Building & Grounds Chairman on “Work Days”. (12 months from July 1st to June 30th, maximum of 3-4 hours per month)

Recycling Chairman

Serves as the contact person for all Poe recycling needs. Liaison with HISD waste management division, school principal’s office, and custodial staff. Demonstrates and advocates reuse, reduce and recycle motto. Ensures recycling bins are in place during the school year and at Poe events. Develops a school-wide recycling campaign and promotes to Poe Community.  Works with HISD recycling group and PTO Board to determine recycling needs of the school. (Commitment varies depending on school needs, 12 months from July 1st to June 30th, maximum of 1-2 hours per month)

School Supplies Chairman

Determines school supply needs per grade level with teachers and administration. Orders school supply kits, sell school supplies at “Back to School” event, manages and tracks all payments and distributes kits before school to each class. (4 months – August to October and March, 5-10 hours per week)

Staff Appreciation Chairman 

Organizes teacher appreciation events including “Back to School” lunch, monthly breakfasts and end of year appreciation week. Assigns each grade a month with a theme to thank the staff.  Coordinates with VP VIPS/Communication to communicate event needs to grade homeroom parents.  Coordinates calendar of events with PTO President and the school principal to ensure no conflicts of activities. (10 months from August to May, 6 hours per month)

Reading mentor Chairman

 Responsible for recruiting and organizing parent and community volunteers to work with individual students as mentors/tutors. Coordinates with school administrators and teachers to determine mentoring/tutoring needs. Facilitates training of mentors/tutors by school staff. Analyzes the effectiveness of the mentorship/tutoring program through ongoing volunteer and teacher/staff feedback and works with both to continue improvement of the mentorship/tutoring program. (10 months from August to May, 1-3 hours per week) 

Uniform Store Chairman 

Responsible for operating the school uniform store, ordering inventory, selling inventory, organizing inventory and submitting payments to Treasurer. (4 months from July to October, 2-5 hours per week)




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